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On his first day as a cashier at Dream Grocers, Daniel imagines that the worst he’ll have to deal with on the job are the occasional grumpy customers and long days on his feet. But in just one week’s time, reality changes entirely as the COVID-19 pandemic creates a frenzied panic throughout Daniel’s home state of Colorado. Now, he’s suddenly being called a hero just for showing up at his job, and he isn’t sure how to feel about that. As the uncertainty and paranoia around the virus spread rapidly, Daniel tries to stay afloat and not let the irate hordes of customers bring him down. He learns more than he ever expected to about humanity’s response to fear, observing most prominently the way that some people look down on the very workers they deem “essential”.

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Success Made to Last Author's Corner with Adam Kaat of Life on the Grocery Line
Denver Author Adam Kaat Worked the Grocery Line Through COVID-19
Life on the Grocery Line: A Frontline Experience in a Pandemic September 17, 2021 Hosted by Jill Buck

“If you are a current or former retail/grocery employee this book is essential reading.

As you progress through the story you will find yourself feeling as if someone has written your autobiography for you and in essence the Author has.

The referenced interactions between customers and employees in the book will resonate with you on a personal level that you may have never experienced before. The writing is superb and does an excellent job in describing things we have experienced in the business in excellent detail.

Adam has not only told a story close to him but our stories as well.

In the future this should be required reading for all employees in the retail/grocery industry as a primer to what you can expect ‘Working on the Grocery Line’.”

Steve Rowland – The Retail Warzone

Interviews with Adam below: