Rekindling Humanity During The Pandemic

Humanity Sunsetting

Over the last two weeks, my city has initiated the long process of re-opening. And along with business doors accepting grateful customers, goods and services being exchanged and people getting back to work in this brave new world, I see the spark of humanity and the smoke to follow starting up all around. With the renewal of services like haircuts and sit-down dinners with friends, we have more socializing than we’ve seen in months. Hugs abound and covid probably spreads, but, at this point, I suspect that’s the least of people’s worries.

Humanity in Protest

During the “stay-at-home order”, I conversed with friends about their growing anxieties, many of whom were deeply afraid of the world after the lock down. As the restrictions loosen — as the verbiage changes to “Safer at Home” — I wonder what will happen next. I wrote of my inner turmoil as someone in a public facing, “essential” role and the customers that came through my line. If you have read my blog during the last few months you know what I am talking about. If not, here are a few ones to read through: The Global Schism, Observations From Essential Personnel During The Coronavirus Pandemic and The Temperature Station.

It’s been a weird ride for all of us. Especially, with the inconsistent and mixed messages that everyone has been told. And I know that we aren’t out of the woods yet. There will be a second wave. I probably shouldn’t be hanging out with my friends as much as I do, but I need it. At our core, we are social animals. You can see it on our faces. It’s our humanity. And I know this to be true because I jump for joy as I embrace and talk with the people I care about most.

Recently, I went out for a cocktail or three with one of my favorite couples I hadn’t seen since February. Their life has changed somewhat dramatically during our time in quarantine. They bought a high-rise condo with a gorgeous view and she was laid off from her job because of the pandemic, but his business grew to the point where now they both work together for the company. I’m so excited for the life they are forming together. The adversity and challenges they are overcoming together. It’s inspiring. The serendipitous nature of how things work out from time to time can lift the soul. And there is positive to come from the chaos of our times.

After we finished our drinks, they showed me their new place. The sprawling view from the sky-rise is something to behold. People looked like ants as they passed by on the asphalt and concrete below. Protesters marched by on the way to the capital. The glimmering accomplishments of man paled in comparison to the mountainous skyline back-lit by the setting sun. The day faded into night and a maze of illuminated city streets came into view accented with the occasional flickering of car brake lights. We carried on conversations that were dearly needed as we wade through the troubling times. For the first time in months, I felt normal as I eased back into the humanity I thought I’d lost.

Humanity Sunsetting

I decided to walk home from their place because Uber and Lyft were too expensive, and no one should waste a sublime summer night. I walked about a mile and a half at a leisurely pace through the empty city. Police car lights danced on city buildings, gaining prominence the closer I crept toward the site of the protest. As I passed a sea of cop cars with flashing lights, I realized that whole thing had ended for that evening. There was something to know but nothing to see. I walked on into the night searching for something, anything to point the compass in the right direction.

Deeper Humanity

The mending of the social fabric will take place in a variety of ways. It will manifest both internally and externally for everyone. The timetable for a clear vision of how we go forward is unknown – if it’s even possible at all. These are curious times with enormous consequences and mixed narratives. But everything starts with a conversation, preferably over dinner and cocktails – where a society begins reassessing and rekindling humanity.

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  1. Great post. Beautiful pictures! I also hope for a better world. A more loving and accepting world.

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