My Plan of Action for COVID Times and Beyond

Action Plan Success

The Pandemic has turned introspection into a way of life for me. Even at the onset of the lockdowns and uncertainty, I have tried to steer my path towards some sort of goal. If this is “life” for the time being, I am going to make the most of it. I’ve put my head down and tried to focus on the writing that keeps me sane and the work that pays my bills. The shift happened naturally given most non-outdoor activities have been either shut down or made almost unbearable for the entirety of summer. A low wage paired with my increasing years also played a major role in my ability to buckle down and look to climb the ladder.

Closing Action

When I quit my job in August of 2019, I told myself that I needed to let go of comfort and embrace the life I was choosing. I tried my best to embody those ideals and lean into the path before me. And I’d love to say that I was steadfast in my endeavor the whole time but I battled despair almost everyday. It’s so damn hard to see the trees when you are in the middle of the forest, far from the comfortable path and running out of time. You’ll be amazed what happens when you allow something to be your only option, when you untether yourself from your previous notions of how this should all work. Through hard work and talking to the right people I was promoted to a supervisor position this week after only nine months of working in a grocery store.

Cleaning Action

The interview process at my company requires the applicant to write a Plan of Action where they explain what skills and ideas they will bring to the position. It was interesting to organize my thoughts in a calculated manner. 2020 has been a vicious bastard of a year in so many ways. But odds are that the world isn’t ending this year so carving a path forward is important. And I took the interview seriously. In Observations From Essential Personnel During The Coronavirus Pandemic I said “It’s where we go from here that matters, because this is far from over.” Those words ring even more true nearly six months after writing them now that we are more clear eyed and ready to grapple with the breadth and scope of the response to the coronavirus.

Now is the time, in the face of so much uncertainty, to be pragmatic in your approach to the future. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, because with the right frame of mind, you are right where you need to be. If you have a job, great — if not, that works too — because, at any moment and under any circumstance you can build momentum towards the life you want. Start small and aim high. I have a long way to go to wherever it is that I am going but I’d like to share a Plan of Action similar to the one I put together for the interview but more geared towards life because maybe you will find it useful.

Action Plan Success

Plan of Action

Letting Go:

Many of us have been scraped raw by the uncertainty of our times. 2020 isn’t a “real” year. This is a dream or something that writers at a Hollywood studio concocted to sell tickets. It feels like the end times. And I know that finding a psychic anchor is pivotal now more than ever. 

We can find security in almost anything and I won’t pretend to know the right thing for you, but for me to thrive I had to let go of security and comfort. I did this within reason since I have a good support system and I dont have any kids, but the concept remains true no matter who you are. Nothing of great value comes without risk. Many of you are front line or “Essential Workers”. You understand uncertainty and have probably honed in your risk assessment skills. So, assess your risks, pursue your projects and let go.

Discipline In Observation:

I’ve always been an observer, but like a puppy, I’m distracted by people walking past and I tend to veer off course. To combat those easily distracted demons, I step back and try to be more attentive during interactions I have with strangers, because I can learn from the failures and successes of those moments. Watching out for what not to do will get you farther in life.

Try To Be Consistent:

If the conversation was a failure or negative I almost always find there was a lack of consistency or discipline coming from one side or the other. Communication broke down because people weren’t forthright and consistent with their motivations. This requires people to know what they want. It takes effort and soul searching. Through discipline I have become more steadfast and level in my emotional responses.

Pizza Action

That’s It:

For the first time in my life I have embraced a framework for how to succeed. I didn’t read a book or watch videos. I just let go how I thought comfort worked, stayed disciplined in my observations and used that information to be more consistent in my actions. It’s not easy but it really has worked for me to turn a shit situation into a beneficial scenario. And I know the outcome is up to me. 

Needless to say, I got the promotion. I don’t know how long my life on the grocery line will last and I’m not convinced I’ll be doing it forever but I know that it serves my needs for now. It’s the catalyst to better myself. Pandemic be damned. I will learn as much as possible from this whole experience. You will too. And maybe, just maybe, from now on we will all feel like we are right where we need to be in both the good and the bad times.

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  1. Looooooove this one!! You write with a voice that I just love! You nailed it on the head with saying we need to learn from our experiences and be content in the present-good or bad. Ive been some major “soul-searching” lately as well. I love reading your thoughts and perspectives! Keep writing!

  2. Another great read! Congratulations on your promotion and for getting a handle on this situation. No matter what, keep writing; you’re very talented and inspiring to us all!

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