Life on the Grocery Line (Second Edition): A Frontline Experience in a Global Pandemic – Signed


On his first day as a cashier at Dream Grocers, Daniel imagines that the worst he’ll have to deal with on the job are the occasional grumpy customers and long days on his feet. But in just one week’s time, reality changes entirely as the COVID-19 pandemic creates a frenzied panic throughout Daniel’s home state of Colorado. Now, he’s suddenly being called a hero just for showing up at his job, and he isn’t sure how to feel about that. As the uncertainty and paranoia around the virus spread rapidly, Daniel tries to stay afloat and not let the irate hordes of customers bring him down. He learns more than he ever expected to about humanity’s response to fear, observing most prominently the way that some people look down on the very workers they deem “essential.”



I wrote this book after working in a grocery store from January 2020 to May of 2021. It’s fiction but many of the experiences are based in what I and my coworkers experienced.

Word count: 182pgs

Genre: Autobiographical Novel, Literary Fiction

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